At Tabu, we believe that you must have a fantastic team to create that environment to have the best Salon. We offer superior service through our verified experience in the art of hair care design and only provide the top hairstylists for your hair. Our professional hairstylists focus on their expertise and interest to allow the client the best service without adding services that we are not interested in just to achieve a more extensive client base. This process will enable us to give dedication to our clients and broaden our approach to our expert areas of hair care needs through continued education and training.
The hair industry is a progressively developing innovation, and at Tabu, we stay up-to-date on all avenues of hair design, fashion, and style. Our innovative approach to the haircare industry allows us to offer a wide range of training, from in-house training to continuing education, as new techniques and products enter the market.
Tabu Hair Salon offers quality over quantity because we believe that each client should have our dedication entirely focused on achieving their desired hair care goals the first time they walk into the Salon. Our communication with the client, every step of the way, is vital to ensure that complete understanding is present between the client and the hair care professional. Our Salon is only successful when the client has obtained an experience that they can share with others and return for the relationship that the staff at Tabu and the client wish to continue.

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When Jen Dove Whittington joined Tabu Salon, she had a vision that every client would walk out her door feeling

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Danielle has been doing hair for 25 years

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