I have been getting my hair done by Danielle for over 10 years. Great Lengths Extensions is what she does every day, all day. I’ve had my hair done by one other person during that time because I moved across the country. It was a 2-day process, and the 2nd day was roughly 10 hours in a chair. Danielle gets the entire job done and done well in a couple hours. I moved out of Phoenix almost two years ago, but I make the 5-hour drive (each way) to see her.

If you’re like me, you have anxiety about going to Scottsdale and being in an environment where people are “getting things done.” As I’ve gotten to know Danielle over the years, I have seen that she is down-to-earth and makes me feel completely comfortable about my hair, my “naked” hair. I never worry about anyone knowing I have extensions because they look so natural. My own sisters/mom who I see a couple times a year didn’t even know I had extensions/still do have them because they are so well-done. Is it a lot of money? Yes, it is. For me, this is what I spend my money on; it’s not about how I look to anyone else. It’s about how it makes me feel. If you’ve been wondering if you should get extensions or who you should go to, go to Danielle. She’s the best.