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Great Lengths in Scottsdale, AZ

The hair extension process of Great Length began in London in 1991but is now found in over 50 countries and is the industry leader in the world of the hair extension process. This concept starts from the process in the textile manufacturing industry, allowing the inspirational practices of fabric to take a new direction using heat transfer technology. Great Lengths then began testing their theory using hair extensions. Their strategy was successful, so production and the patenting process began to take shape as the hair could be bonded together molecularly to natural hair allowing for a gentle attachment.

Tabu salon stocks all great lengths hair so there is no need to wait to order hair we can do same day appointments. Tabu salon is the only salon that stocks all great lengths hair in house. Danielle Boldon is the top great lengths provider in Arizona with 19 years experience with great lengths. Danielle is also the only great lengths stylist that can do a full head of extensions in 2 hours. Most stylist take 4-7 hours to do the same application. There is no reason to wait or sit in the chair all day.

Great Lengths development allows for quality to be their number one priority. The great Lengths hair process uses the same technology as cashmere and assesses the same concept of extracting the pigment instead of using the bleaching process. The bleaching process offers a faster and less expensive route, but the aggressive nature creates a negative result.

This process has never been utilized to process human hair and mixed with the unity of the Indian Temple Hair that allows a dependable quality of hair, so exceptional that the hair can provide vitality to all active lifestyles. This process includes chemical treatments with fading the color. Great Lengths offers healthy hair extensions with various robust and vigorous colors that endorse satisfaction and the creative design concept to you and your personal hairstylist.


The cold fusion method is one of the most popular methods of hair extension attachment. This method is similar to the thermal process but does not use heat but instead utilizes ultrasonic waves to form the keratin bonds. Keratin is a protein already through your body, including your hair, nails, and skin, so this process adds to the healthy flow of the existing hair.

First, the hair extension tips are coated with the keratin resin, and a small applicator is connected to a machine that creates the ultrasonic waves. These waves target the keratin on the extensions that create vibrations that cause the extension and the natural hair to bond. After the bond forms, the stylist then shapes the adhesive to create a seal that is either flat or rounded.

This method is best for clients with thin or fine hair, and the feature of no heat allows this type of hair not to be damaged through that practice. This method will not hold if the client has oily or greasy texture hair.


The tape-in hair extension method allows for a high-quality hair lengthening process that is semi-permanent, meaning they will stay until they are removed or the hair grows out. This method allows for a longer life than a flip-in or clip-in hair extension. These extensions allow for washing and styling without worrying about the hair because they use natural human hair to ensure the flow with your hair is natural.

Your stylist will separate your natural hair into small thin sections and then apply two extensions to this narrow piece of your hair, with one on the top and the other on the bottom. This process allows your natural hair to be cradled between the two hair extensions. The application of the tape-in hair extension method will require 1-2 hours of dedication to complete, but no pain is involved in this process at all.


The strand-by-strand method of hair extensions uses 20-40 individual strands of hair connected together while utilizing a glue or polyurethane substance. This strand-by-strand method combines the hair extension to the client’s natural hair using a warm heat gun. This method places the hair between the u-tip while sealing the extension tool that melts the keratin glue that is distributed into the hair. The bonds are positioned close to the natural hair root, which stabilizes the extension to reduce space for excessive movement.
Great Lengths

The number of strands needed for this process will depend on the clients’ hair length and the effect that the stylist and the client are attempting to achieve. This process is best for clients with thick or coarse hair texture and can last between 16-20 weeks as long as maintenance is appropriately handled. Proper care of this hair extension process requires that the client refrains from using oil-based products and excessive styling of the hair.

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