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Danielle is incredibly knowledgeable and A true master of her craft! My fine color treated hair is the healthiest and most vibrant it's ever been! Not only will your hair turn out incredible but you will enjoy every moment you spend in her chair!
Micaela C.
I am so glad I found Tabu. I have been frustrated with my hair for a couple of years now. Spending money on high priced products and extensions and just not loving it. I came in to see Danielle and she knew exactly what I needed she listened to what I liked and now I love my hair. The Great Lengths extensions are far better than any other and the color blending and cut are so good that my hair is so easy to style and looks better than it has in so long. I know I'm fussy when it comes to my hair but I've finally found someone so detailed and knowledgable I don't worry a bit! I'm also spending less than half of what I used to on products and my hair looks and feels healthier than ever! Thank you Danielle!
Melette T.
Not only is the space exceptionally well done and flat out gorgeous, but Danielle is a true professional who cares deeply for her clients, and is passionate about her craft. As a man wanting a great cut with help in the styling dept, this is as good as it gets. The prices are beyond fair, and the time spent is fantastic with the best results I have had in any hair salon. I get regular compliments from friends and associates after each of my cuts. I am a loyal fan of Tabu, Danielle, and this is truly the best place in all of Scottsdale/Phoenix for a cut! So much care, friendly attitude, professionalism, and I always leave better looking than when I walked in the door.
Jason G.
I have been seeing Danielle for my extensions for about 3 years. I have had plenty of other extensions done in the past and no one has ever done a job like my girl Danielle. I literally love her more and more after each visit. She's the shit and wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair!!!
Veronica D.
Danielle is amazing. I have wanted Great Lengths extensions since I was 12 years old. I've always colored my hair age 12-23. I was always seeking that color or cut that felt like me. Eventually I went to far, I wanted gray/silver hair; I was satisfied for awhile just getting streaks of silver (from another salon) but eventually I made a mistake. I bleached and lifted my hair almost 8 levels. I had dark brown almost black hair and lifted it (at home) to a white, then slapped some gray color on top. Biggest mistake I've ever made. My hair was falling out; I have bald patches and broken hair, it was destroyed. I was in tears, I thought I had ruined my hair beyond any saving and would have to shave it off and wear a beanie for the next 5 years. Before I gave up, I did research and of course ended up where I began; at age 12 on Great Lengths. I found Tabu salon and Danielle because she is the most highly recommended in Arizona. She was kind on the phone and fit me in for a free emergency consultation ASAP. (By the way don't get discouraged If she doesn't answer her phone right away she works alone so she is busy! But she will answer eventually just don't give up!) she was thorough at the consult and made sure I chose the color and length I wanted. A few days later it was my turn! I went in with the worst hair ever, and came out with the most beautiful hair ever. I feel beautiful inside and out. She touched my heart and is a truly special women: she is intelligent, extremely hard working, honest and so kind. She helped me when I thought I had no solution. If you want someone who is thorough , but quick. And who does things right the first time, see her: my color is amazing to: I look forward to seeing Danielle for the next few years, even when my hair grows back healthy I'd see her for length. I hope she will be my hair stylist for life! She is a rare gem people, the stylist all us women (and men) search for. You won't regret going to her.
Jackie B.
I have been coming to Danielle for about 4 years for my extensions, and I would never go anywhere else. Besides gaining a great friend, her salon is beautiful and inviting, and she is so talented. I get 18-24inch extensions and it takes her 2.5hrs to remove the old ones, wash/dry my hair, put the new ones in and cut them. Anywhere else would take anywhere from 5-10hrs!! Trust me, I've been there. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking to get quality extensions for a competitive price. She's the girl!
Kaitlin S.
Best hair Extensions ever!! Danielle is awesome and does a great job at matching the Extensions to your own hair perfectly. Def worth EVERY penny!!!!
Amber W.
Danielle is the best hair stylist in Scottsdale, hands down! She transformed my look by using Great Lengths Extensions, and I could not be happier!! Danielle does an amazing job at matching the Extensions to your own color.
Victoria F.
Absolutely fantastic experience! Danielle is awesome and knows her stuff. I have gotten beautiful hair extensions and color performances from her every time. I highly recommend seeing Danielle for your hair needs!
Nikki B.
I have worn Great Lengths Hair Extensions for the past 5 years. For 3 years I was wearing the old system. I then met Danielle. I will NEVER go back to the old Great Lengths System. When I used the old system my real hair was constantly being pulled out when the extension fell out. My hair was left thin, horribly damaged and the extensions never lasted more than 2-3 months. With Danielle, not only are you unable to feel the bonds when you run your hand over your head but your hair is left in great condition when you are ready to take them out. She is the very best I have ever seen at blending. I am able to leave them in for 4-5 months with no problem. Another bonus, the girl rocks at hair coloring. If you are looking for the for the best, you will find it at Tabu Salon.
Robin S.
Danielle is the best! My hair was a short, uneven mess when I came into her salon and she made my hair look so beautiful and natural! This is my second round of Great Lengths by Danielle. My last extensions lasted for several months and I could have kept them in longer but we decided that it was time to freshen up my look. None of my hair broke off at all while having them in / taking them out and my hair grew a lot underneath the extensions! Danielle doesn't cut your natural hair either to blend the extensions which is awesome if you're trying to grow your hair out like me. I can do any hairstyle with these extensions and they always look super natural and stay soft and untangled really no matter what. I was pretty brutal with my first set of extensions and even when we took them out four and a half months later, they were soft and not knotted at all! I tried tape-ins before and they were such a pain in the butt between not using warm water, not being able to brush/shampoo hair properly or style them into ponytails or anything. With the great lengths in, I can use hot water on my hair and swim in the pool and it doesn't bother them at all! The extensions are definitely the best I've ever had and are worth every penny! Danielle also puts in the extensions super quickly. The other day she managed do bleach my roots, take out 5 bundles of extensions in my hair, shampoo my hair, and put in 6 new bundles of extensions and style them in less than four hours! She's the best! If you're thinking about getting extensions with Danielle, do it!
Deanna P.
Tabu Salon is by far the best salon. It's right off of Scottsdale Rd, very convenient to everything. My hair looks better than ever and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. She did a perfect job. Thank you so much!! I'll definitely be coming back!!
Elyssa H.
Tabú Salon by Danielle is truly the best in the west! Her extension work is flawless and very natural. I've gotten so many compliments on how natural my new look is. I was skeptical about extensions because i had a short and lop sided cut due to some fun experimenting I've done in the past, but after my session at Tabú Salon I will recommend her hurt to everyone who is contemplating getting extensions! I am extremely satisfied not only with my new hair but also with my experience in the salon; such a loving and friendly staff!
Nichole P.
I had been doing my own hair extensions for years, my hair was very damaged, and it really needed some TLC. I found Danielle, and the amazing Tabu salon through the Great Lengths website. I was so extremely fortunate to find her. She is extremely talented, very experienced, and worked wonders on my hair. I completely trust her, she has always steered me in the right direction, and my hair continues to come out better and better. She now colors, cuts, and does my hair extensions permanently. She runs a gorgeous salon, her prices are always fair, and she's a genuinely good person. It's no wonder she has a small army of loyal customers. I without a doubt recommend Tabu salon to any, and everyone who wants, and needs a fabulous salon experience!!
Abra M.
I absolutely love my hair now that I have great lengths! Danielle did such an amazing job not only matching my hair color but blending the extensions in with my natural hair. No one can even tell I have extensions in they look so natural! Its been about two months since I've gotten them and they still look great. I'm definitely hooked and will keep coming back to Danielle for years to come!
Sarah S.
I have been going to Danielle for about a year now, and am so happy to have found her!!! it's like Christmas morning every time I go in for my appointment..! The color blending she provides is so spot on...she is exceptional at the Great Lengths craft! I get so many compliments on my hair now that Danielle is taking care of it! I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have found Tabu Salon! Danielle is awesome and does such an amazing job!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Danielle's work!!
Stephanie W.
I have been going to Danielle for over 2 years for my Great Lengths hair extensions, and her work is exceptional! The color blending of my hair with the extensions is perfect, and I always shock people when I tell them I have extensions. Their remark is always "I couldn't even tell, it looks like your real hair! ". My hair was damaged from when I had it platinum blonde, and Danielle steered me in the right direction of products to use, and my hair is healthier than it's been in a long time! I'm moving out of town, but every 6 months will be coming back to have my extensions redone. 🙂
Desiree D.
I have been a client of Danielle's since I moved to Scottsdale, more than four years ago. I came to Danielle after losing my hair to chemotherapy. I had researched many salons, and the different types of hair extensions. Danielle's experience really impressed me. After my first hair extension consult, she actually turned me down! My hair was too short to hold them, and she told me to be patient because she had a vision for me, and wanted ME to be happy! I think I waited a year!!! Danielle is very passionate about the hair extensions, and it is where one of her many strengths lie. Danielle was in the zone while putting my hair extensions in -- she is very focused, and meticulous about placement. The trim and color were always perfectly blended with the extensions. I really trust Danielle, and appreciate her honesty. It took about 18 months of hair extensions for my hair to grow to a length I was comfortable with. The extensions themselves felt very secure, and I was always more than happy with my hair! Danielle possesses wicked technical skill, with her cuts, and as a colorist. She is creative and artistic. Honest. Sociable. Always on time. Accommodating schedule. Really connects with clients. My teen girls and my husband are also loyal clients. We are forever loyal to Danielle!
Raquel K.
Love this salon... She is amazing and a perfectionist. She really takes pride in her work. I get compliments from my hair all the time cause how she takes the time of blending her hair extension colors.... She rocks!
Melodie P.
Danielle did a great job with my extensions. She is fast and efficient. My extensions looked so good that no one had any idea! That was exactly the effect I was going for. The color match is perfect too and her extension placement was specific so that I could do different things with my hair. Danielle is also a super cool person with a lot of smarts and I enjoyed her company while she quickly and perfectly did my hair. If you are looking for great extensions, Danielle is your girl! I would recommend Danielle to anyone wanting extensions, as she does a great job and her service is top-notch.
Kortney O.
I have been getting extensions for 2 years with Danielle. She is a hair angel! She does an amazing job and really cares about her work. I would truly recommend her to anyone interested in extensions or color. I am moving and don't think I will every find anyone as good as Danielle!
Megan B.
Danielle is fantastic and more than meets all of my hair needs. She's clearly an over-achiever in her craft. My hair has never looked better. I haven't had a bad hair day since I started seeing her 4 years ago. I've been getting extensions from her for 4 years and have loved every set. She is very efficient with extension removal and placement so that I don't have to waste a full day. I'm usually in and out in 2.5 hours and the end results are extraordinary! I never knew I could have hair this glamorous. I've had so many compliments on my hair since she started working with me. I love her posh salon, great personality, and fabulous skills! I've even started bringing family members from out of state to her. She's definitely a great find!
Heather H.
Danielle does an incredible job! She is professional and flexible, and mixes art with technical proficiency to achieve the absolute best results. Highly recommend her and her salon.
G. M.
I have been a customer of Danielle for almost 10 years. Her technique and style has always been innovative and current. I love Danielle for her honesty and ability to talk me thru best hair styles for me. Through out the years, I had many styles and can honestly say I totally trust her with my hair and I could not imagine working with any one else.
Mary C.
I have always had thin fine hair and wanted to try extensions but was to afraid they would ruin my hair. A friend referred me to Danielle after meeting with her I was hooked. A week later my extensions were in and it was the greatest thing I have ever done. I am soooo happy!! I am going on 2 years with them and I still get so excited every time I have new ones put in!! Also, Danielle is also a color master she does such a wonderful job and my hair has never been so healthy and growing!! I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone.. She is the BEST!!!
Stephanie L.
I have been going to Danielle for over a year and am from NYC. I have been wearing hair extensions for over 5 years and have tried all of them and many different salons. Never have I had a better job and better extensions than Danielle has provided. When I came back to the east coast - people couldn't believe how beautiful and natural my hair looked. Even other hair stylists - including my own sister comment on how great my hair looks! No one will know except you - that you have extensions unless you tell them. You cannot feel them in your head and my own hair has been able to grow healthily. Danielle will match your color to the extensions perfectly - and I am a natural blonde which is hard to match - I'm on the east coast now and I am flying back to Phoenix just to have her do my hair! is the BEST!!!
Linda C.
I have been going to Danielle and Tabu Salon for three years now, and I have never been happier!! Danielle does my hair extensions and color and she really is the BEST I have ever seen! She has been trying to convince me to go darker for years, and today we finally did it! She was Right... (as usual!) I LOVE my hair!! She really knows what will look best, and she has the skills and talent to get it done!! She never ceases to amaze me and I always have a great time in her chair! Your search for an amazing stylist .... and AMAZING HAIR... is OVER!!
C. M. B.
Danielle does such an amazin job- every time. I would never go anywhere else!
Brad B.
For the first time in my life, I LOVE my hair! Danielle is extremely thorough, and while offering very reasonable price points, she works with you one-on-one throughout the entire process. The color she recommended is perfect for my skin tone, and I have received tons of compliments. One person even told me I look 10 years younger! Bye bye Botox, hello hair extensions! Another plus...Danielle's private salon offers clients a relaxing, boutique-like atmosphere, which was very refreshing.
Jane D.
I've been going to Danielle for several years now and I can't say enough good things about her work! I go to her for Great Length extensions and for coloring. She's a professional at what she does and listens to what you want done to your color--executing your desired look every time. I'm writing a review because every woman knows how important a GREAT stylist is and how HARD they are to find!!
Janet L.
Did you ever have that problem where you TRY to grow your hair out long but it gets to that point and it won't get any longer? It either breaks or just looks like a split end nightmare. Welcome to my world! Fortunately for me, I found a place with real human hair extensions and someone who really knows how to use them. If you're like me, you need to get yourself over to Tabu Salon in Scottsdale. Danielle Boldon is nothing short of a miracle worker. Not only is my hair FINALLY at the great length I always dreamed about, but no one knows it's not mine. I would also recommend Tabu and Danielle for anyone with thin or thinning hair, your hair will be thick and full of volume. With Tabu's extensions, you can do anything with it that you would do with your own hair. It'll just look that much better!
Cheryl M.
My girlfriend wanted human hair extensions for her birthday and after a quick search online I found this great place called Tabu in Scottsdale. Now I know nothing about clip on hair extensions what-so-ever but over heard my gf wanting them so bad.l I called this place and got a hold of Danielle and she was so excited that I was getting real hair extensions for my gf and told me to bring her in the day of her birthday. Well needless to say my gf was so flabbergasted that I would do this for her. We sat down and Danielle gave her a consultation and went over all the great lengths hair extension, I was still clueless on what was going on but Elaina (my gf) was into it. In the end Danielle was a great help and it was well worth the boring wait and Elaina was smiling and if shes happy I'm happy. Guys this is a great gift idea.
Christopher Michael C.
I've always had thin hair that breaks before it hits my shoulders, so I've always kept it short. I tried hair extensions once and it was not just painful but painfully obvious! I had given up on extensions until I met up with a girlfriend who had just come from Tabu. her hair was so gorgeous and looked totally natural I kept staring at it all night trying to figure where the her hair ended and the extentions began. After a lot of thought I decided I'd book an appointment and give extensions one last try. I am so glad that I did! Tabu uses real human hair with a gentle process and the upkeep is so easy, sometimes I'm convinced that it is really my own hair! It's given me a lot of confidence, I feel sexier, womanly and have so many style options that weren't available with my bob cut. This is a MUST recommendation for any woman who wants extensions. It's the ONLY recommendation!
Amethyst S.
Going to Tabu made me feel like a princess! I have always had shorter hair styles, but when my boyfriend asked me what I looked like with long hair I knew it was time for a change. I shopped around a lot before deciding to go to Tabu for extensions. One thing that definitely drew me in was the free consultation. The salon was clean and spacious and I didn't feel pressured to get extensions at all. Once I saw the extensions in person though I had to have them. I made an appointment for the next week. There was no pain at all, and my boyfriends reaction was priceless. He hardly recognized me when I walked through the door and has not stopped touching them since. I gave Tabu Hair Salon five stars, but I would give them a thousand if I could. The best thing about them is that they use 100% human hair so I can treat it just like mine (and no one can tell the difference!). If you even take the time to just check out their website like I did, you'll see Danielle Bolden knows what she is doing! I would call this place the top salon in AZ hands down! I will be going back!
Kristalin G.
My girlfriend had an appointment with Danielle at Tabu salon today. She's been talking a lot about it recently and I've been very curious to see how it would turn out. So I met up with her and when I saw her I was stunned. I walk in the door and I'm seriously speechless, She had to grab my hand and ask if I was ok lol. She looks absolutely gorgeous I can't take my eyes off her. I know she's always been very cute, but the way her hair accents her now looks simply stunning, she is beautiful. Her hair is longer now and very full and lustrous, it takes a lot to keep me from reaching out and running my hands through it. Needless to say Tabu Salon did an amazing job, my girlfriend and I both highly recommend giving them a call. With as good as my girlfriend looks I think I'll even be able to get away with telling my guy friends about this place. After I take her out to dinner that is 🙂 Thanks Danielle.
Matt L.